DIY Manicure Tips To Glam Up Your Nails! March 01 2017

To help nails grow and keep them strong and healthy use cuticle oil every day. If you don't own any cuticle oil you could use olive oil or grapeseed oil from your kitchen! Massage the oil  into the base of your nails daily, this will stimulate your matrix area which increases nail growth. It really works plus it will hydrate all around the cuticle which can get very dry!

Cut your nails regularly instead of filing too much as this can weaken your nails! By cutting your nails you are removing those weak dead ends a bit like having your hair cut! File afterwards in one direction just to get the shape, sawing back and fourth can weaken the nails.

The best way to apply polish is in three even strokes- one in the centre, then one either side. This method avoids varnish overload and saves drying time. Make a manicure last by applying a top coat every other day!

It’s All About Nails… March 12 2013

Spring is fast approaching and soon hands and especially feet will be out on show!  There has never been a better time to invest in these areas.  Nails have always been a big trend but over recent years, polishes have vastly improved, gels have been formulated for chip free long lasting nails, nail art has been huge as have stickers, jewels and foils.  When it comes to nails, anything goes!!  Not only have nails been re vamped with colours and designs but shapes have also been in the spotlight, some opting for the sharp pointy look where others are more square or traditionally oval.

It is at this time of year many of us are starting to think about colours etc… and the new ones which are looking to be hot this Spring/Summer 2013 are baby blues and purples, with new shades of corals, pinks and silvers also hitting the shelves.  It is one of my favourite past times checking out the new colours in stores and ideas about how to dress your nails.  Get a few of your friends together and experiment!!



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