The Organic Pharmacy 10-day Detox Supplement Kit



Our 10 day detox kit is a gentle, natural and effective cleanse, trialed and tested in our own clinics on 1000's of clients. Designed to fit in your lifestyle it helps to gradually and gently cleanse toxic substances from the system and support and enhance the natural cleansing ability of the kidneys, liver, digestive system, blood and colon.

Since each person is different base on the unique lifestyle, toxin accumulation, genetics and general health, a good cleanse can take longer and regular and repeated cleanses at least four times a year, can help gradually get the body to optimum level. Accompanied by an instruction leaflet with healthy eating tips, recipes and detailed instructions, this 10-day detox kit is the perfect start to optimum health and total body rejuvenation.

To Use: As directed with the leaflet contained within the pack.



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