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A haven of peace wherever you are. Awaken your mind and body with a boost of energy throughout the day and deeply relax and unwind at night with the powers of aromatherapy.

The perfect gift for jet setters/travellers, someone who is always on the go, commuters or someone who needs to take a moment to escape from what they are doing or where they are.


1 x 4.5ml Deep Relax Rollerball 1 x 4.5ml
Revive Morning Rollerball

Our rollerballs are filled to the correct level (between 4.5-4.9ml). Please note the capacity of the rollerball bottle is larger than the 4.5ml fill of the blend. You may therefore notice an air bubble. This is to allow the oil to safely expand in different environmental conditions.


How to use

Revive Morning Roller Ball

Feel invigorated by rolling the Revive Roller Ball on your pulse points and enjoy a boost of energy at any time during the day. Best used in the morning to give you a head start to your day.

Deep Relax Roller Ball

Feel relaxed wherever you are by rolling the Deep Relax Roller Ball on your pulse points and enjoy a moment of balance and peace during a hectic day. The Relax Roller Ball can also be used just before bed to prepare yourself for a goodnight sleep.



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