Expert Beauty Tips March 19 2013

  • Remember... Not to use too much moisturiser as it can make your foundation slip.  A great idea is to blot your skin prior to applying foundation to ensure a long lasting finish.

  • Quick glow required?  A great tip of an all over healthy glow is to mix a drop of your summer foundation with your regular moisturiser and instantly you will look and feel healthier.  Great not only for your face, but all over!

  • Brush your way beautiful... Dry body brushing is one of the cheapest and best ways to enhance your skin.  When done 2-3 times a week, prior to shower/bath on dry (not damp) skin, it provides a gentle internal massage, which speeds up the elimination of toxins, while topically leaving you with super soft, glowing skin.  Get your brush ASAP!

  • Just out the shower/bath, quick pat yourself dry and smother on your favourite body product.  Whether it is a serum, gel, cream, butter or oil, they all will work and penetrate better on damp skins, leaving you seriously hydrated and smooth.

  • Very important, always remember to use your skincare products on your neck and décolleté, as these areas show signs of ageing too and are often missed out in our daily routines.  Treat these areas the same as your face, and any excess of product left over - quick rub on the backs of your hands, these again are another area often neglected!