Tips For Perfect Brows October 28 2014

Finding the best shape for your eyebrows can be difficult. Pencil thin and overly bushy brows are a 'no,no'. Eyebrows really do frame the face and can make a huge difference to your appearance. There are a few ways to keep your brows in shape and a few products which can help those of us who are a bit scarce on the hair front in this area too! If you are doing your brows at home it is best to use a good magnifying mirror to enable you to see each hair. Go slowly, one hair at a time to avoid over plucking. The beginning of your eyebrow should align with the centre of the nostril.

The arch of the brow should be central to your pupil - when you are looking directly in front. Each brow should follow the length of the eye, BUT should not extend onto the temple area. Eyebrow tinting is really popular and adds colour and depth to lighter brows and helps eyebrows look their best. Many of us also use eyebrow products too, to fill in, add depth and colour to brows. There are various products on the market which can achieve the look you require, from pencils to gels and powders. Play with products to find your ideal one! A good rule to remember is that pencils offer a stronger colour than a powder, and a gel (can be clear or coloured) depending on which one you choose - tend to be good for adding thickness and controlling unruly brows.

Really unruly brows can be trimmed but it is important when doing this to comb all brows upwards and in the opposite direction of hair growth to see what really needs to be trimmed. Any longer hairs can be cut, brushed back and if necessary trimmed again, it is always best to air on the side of caution when trimming to avoid over cutting. Many clients do their own eyebrows and every so often come in for a wax, thread, trim or tweeze to get them in shape again, this way they can easily follow the shape in between at home.