Travel Beauty Tips August 29 2014

Travelling?  So many clients often ask about what they should and shouldn’t take when on their holidays… it can be difficult if like me you’re a product junkie and quite honestly – need them all!  The trouble I often find; is space – shoes or jars of creams?!  As well as trying to keep luggage weight within range… it’s hard.

But I am now getting this packing malarkey down to a fine art and you can too.  I look at how long I am away for and more importantly what climate I will be in and assess my skincare from there.  I aim to downsize my beauty products.  I collect free samples off magazines, trial sizes from the beauty salon and hair salon – all of which save me lots of room.  I also have on hand small plastic bottles which I fill with my ‘cannot do without’ products and de-canter these into them.

Some brands do travel sizes in your favourite products which again is useful and space saving.  When on board a flight I have a face mist (normally purchased in duty free now!) which I use often as it helps to keep my skin hydrated during travel.  Plane air is very dry and at high altitudes has very little moisture so misting your face is a must.  I also try to avoid the beverages and aim to drink as much water whilst flying, again helping to curb dehydration and keep skin feeling/looking plump.  I have read somewhere that you should aim to drink a litre of water for every six hours of flying… good luck!

These simple little tips should help you to pack more effectively and take care of your skin whilst travelling – oh and don’t forget if you’re travelling to sunnier climbs – pack a high SPF!  Safe travelling.