How To Do Eyebrows March 01 2017

Eyebrows... Quick Guide

There is a bit of an obsession at the moment for really bold brows, and yes they can look good but this look does not suit everyone.  It is about finding brows that work and suit YOU.  Eyebrows are there to complement your face and not be a stand-alone feature. 

Trends change and quite often as a therapist you come across clients who have over plucked and having problems getting the hair to re-grow properly.  If this is you and you feel they are mis matched and thin then leave them alone, let them grow then after 4 to 6 weeks visit your therapist who can re-shape and guide you on home care.

There are lots of amazing products out there now which can gently fill in sparse  and fine brows, not just the standard pencils.  I love using a powder for a soft look and colour building more easier.  There are great brow kits available, brow waxes and even pens, don't be afraid to change your product and experiment.  Another good idea is eyebrow tinting, giving you longer lasting results, especially good if your eyebrows are fine and fair.  Eyebrows typically have soft arches but thickness and height will differ on each of us.  So many times clients ask for a brow which just isn't achievable, as a therapist we can enhance, shape and colour but working within what we have available.  You can have eyebrows waxed, tweezed and threaded so there are plenty of options to get the best out of your brows.

If you are going to go it alone quick tips are to follow your natural shape and only tweeze random hairs and not from the brow line.  Often it is a good idea to use a magnifying mirror, enabling you to remove any fine fair hairs.  Try not to worry if they are not 100% identical, most of us have slightly different eyebrows and it can be easy to over pluck when trying to get two the same! Always tweeze in the  direction of your hair growth to avoid In growing hairs and hair snapping.