Tips For Perfect Waxing November 02 2014

To ensure you can get the best out of your bikini wax we thought it would be good to share a few tips so you can achieve the best results.

Come to your appointment with clean, dry skin without any creams or lotion. And come hairy!...if you are shaving, stop 2-3 weeks before your appointment. Your hair needs to lie flat on your skin, a quarter of an inch long. If you are having a bikini wax it is best to do it a few days before or after your period, the closer you get to your period the more sensitive your body becomes and waxing can be a bit more painful.

Once you have been waxed, it is important to remember to avoid (for 48 hours) the sun - as you can be more sensitive and prone to burning, avoid sauna/steam rooms - as extreme heat can overheat the skin and avoid synthetic clothing which can easily irritate post waxed skin.