How To Reduce The Appearance Of Large Pores January 22 2014

Pores… something as a therapist I hear clients moaning about.  We all tend to be critical and over examine our faces, and I hear many clients saying things like…” I wish my pores were smaller, less noticeable, and my make-up looked more even when applied.”  In recent surveys carried out between women aged 20 to 35, their pores came out as a top skincare concern, all believing that smaller pores equated to a more youthful appearance.  Our faces each have about 300,000 openings that allow the healthy secretion of sweat and sebum, which provide a natural barrier from the environment.  There are various issues that can cause pores to appear larger: oil, dirt and skin cells can clog them and expand their diameter (once the gunk has oxidised and darkened, create blackheads); and while they’re generally most noticeable on congestion –prone oily skin, they can also flatten out and look bigger when the epidermis is too dry, so do watch out for winter air!

There can be reasons why you may be noticing your pores more now than you did a few years ago.  The most common reason (unfortunately) is age.  As our collagen and elastin fibres begin to break down and gravity takes its toll pores become distended and more oval in shape, this process can begin as early as in our 20’s.  When we are young, the collagen and elastin and hyaluronic-acid proteins in the skin fluff up and plump the dermis, which squeezes the pore opening tightly, making it tiny.  As we age, smoking, sun damage, fatigue and stress all accelerate the ageing process and in turn the pores stretch open.  Firmer skin will equal less visible pores.

There are lots of products on the market for pores, but the key treatment you can do for your skin is to keep it clean and well cared for the correct skincare products for your face.  Keeping up hydration levels within the skin helps keep skin plump and fresh, and when skin has plumped-up cells, pores are going to be less visible, but you are also providing your skin with a protective factor, so any external factors which hit the skin wont degrade the cells as fast.  Steaming the skin with warm, humid air softens the skin and primes it for clearing the pores of debris, and a cold plunge firms up the skin instantly, although just temporary.  Regular facials and a good skincare routine, something your therapist can help you with, all help and will give you results you want.  I have seen many faces, some unfortunately full of scars from pore picking and over squeezing, so this is a big no, no.  Remember your skin needs oil and proteins to be healthy inside.  Take care of your skin, trust it and leave it alone!