New Year: How To Look After Winter Skin January 15 2014

Yes…  it is 2014.  Resolution time?!  I try not to bother personally and change if needed things throughout the year, January just isn’t the month!  But what I do like to indulge in especially at this time of year when nights out are few and far between is my skincare.  I keep to a good routine but really make the effort to do my exfoliating, masks, oils etc more regularly.  Great to do on a Saturday evening watching the tv!  January is (unfortunately) a time where we all feel a little bit deflated, so in a sense it is a good time to perk yourself up and what better way than making yourself feel gorgeous?  Do you ever just look at yourself in the mirror and wish that was better or if only?  I think we all do from time to time.  Complexions are often a bit dull, flaky skin and dry patches can be bothersome during the winter months, so for this reason it is a great idea to change and add in a few extras to perk you up.  Remember your skincare routine… cleanse, tone and moisturise.  Speak to your therapist to make sure you are using the correct products.  Some us need serums and oils to give our skin a boost.

Exfoliation is another important part in getting better skin, this usually needs to be done2/3 times per week, as well as your masks – best to use after exfoliation as they can work better for your skin then.  In a previous blog I talked about facial massage, this really is a great way of feeding your skin and you don’t need to be a therapist to treat yourself to this.  Once a week at least set some time aside and apply to clean skin and using your fingertips gently massage over your whole face, concentrating on areas of concern.

Aside from all topical lotions, creams, serums, oils etc… there are other things which you can do also to improve your complexion.  Yes, I am sorry to say it…  but exercise is great, it gets your circulation going, aiding the removal of toxins and brings new nutrients to the skin.  Sleep is another, I know this can be difficult at times.  But getting what you need each night does prevent dark circles, puffiness and aids a greater looking skin all round.  Finally food and water – yes they are important, ‘we are what we eat/drink’ as they say!  Try to aim for a varied diet, including lots of vitamins and nutrients and choose fresh where possible.  Aim to drink 6-8 large glasses of water per day, don’t panic if initially you find yourself in the toilet more, your body will adjust and use it where needed.  Your skin really needs plenty of water to help it glow.

Combine all these little tips and you WILL see great results.  This isn’t meant to be a resolution or anything like that it’s about taking care of you, looking after yourself and  feeling good.

Good luck… here's to a happier more gorgeous you.