An Easy Way To Clean Makeup Brushes July 23 2013

How clean are your make up brushes?!...  Many of us use them but how many of us actually clean them on a regular basis?

I remember being little and watching my gran wash hers routinely every Sunday without fail and thinking she was a bit obsessive!  But really she had the right idea… and I am still trying to keep on top of cleaning mine as often as I can.  Brushes harbour bacteria, old make-up residues and dirt so it is really important to keep them in good condition as not only will it expand their life span but also protect your skin from any flare up’s which can be caused by dirty brushes!  Like my nan I did try to have a make-up free day and its normally on a lazy Sunday - so I figure this is a great day to clean those brushes.

There are products you can specifically purchase to clean your brushes but it isn’t always necessary, all you really need is a good foaming cleanser and warm water.  Run a bowl of warm water and  apply some cleanser to the bristles of you brush/es and run gently, adding the water as you go to create a foam.  Try to avoid getting more than the bristles overly wet as constant water getting onto the handles and area where bristles are attached can cause them to loosen and come away.

Sometimes you may need to wash the bristles a couple of times until no make-up and dirt is coming off onto your hands.  Once you feel satisfied they are clean, rinse well and gently squeeze as much excess water out as you can.  Dry with a clean cloth, and place brushes out to dry on some kitchen towel.  Leave them to dry naturally and out of direct sun light.  Sometimes I pop mine in the airing cupboard to help them dry that bit quicker!  They should dry relatively quickly and in no time you will be ready to re-apply your make-up, knowing your brushes are in tip-top condition!!