Review: Overnight Repair Mask Gives Great Results June 27 2013

Overnight Skin Perfecting Mask?...  Yes Please!

Think we all would love to wake up with skin to die for, and now we can.  Masks that work while you sleep are sweeping the market and are proving to be very popular, as they are easy to use and give great results.

There are lots of different ones available to suit your skin type and concerns – there are ones for sensitive skins, dry skins, anti-ageing concerns, dull skins and oily skins – so there really is no excuse for anything less than perfect skin!!  Head to your therapist or skin care consultant who can help you find the best one for you.  Generally these types of masks are best used overnight, twice a week, enabling to even out your skin tone.

Remember to pop the mask over your décolletage as well as your face as this area is prone to dehydration and damage too.  If your skin is ever feeling a bit partied out and tired you can mix a small amount of mask with your regular moisturiser to give it an extra kick.