How To Look After Your Skin At Christmas December 19 2013

Do you look at yourself in January and wonder "what's happened to me?" Well I know I do, there is nothing like the festive period and all it's excesses which can age you as well as wipe you out generally!  If you're not in your 20's anymore you will know what I am on about... Gone are the days when you could work, party, eat and drink what you like and still wake up semi fresh.  Why do we have to age?!   I remember my mum giving me her pearls of wisdom and telling me about early nights, face creams and not to over indulge too much.  Advice none of us really take on board till we start noticing how are skin changes and reacts to too many late nights and parties.  I know I always need a face and eye mask the morning after these days to perk me up and see me through the day.  This time of year is not a time to be lazy with your skincare, although we all often are as we are so busy with surviving December!

Been busy really does affect our skin, being constantly on the go makes the body release stress hormones that weaken the skin's protective barrier which allow moisture to seep out, and irritants and toxins to creep in, so you may find yourself with dry/flaky patches, red blotches,fine lines or the dreaded spots.  All things which need addressing when you need to be looking your best.  Ensure you maintain a good skincare routine, cleanse, tone, moisturise and don't forget your eye creams, exfoliators and masks!  All these will help to keep you looking your best.

Lack of sleep is a miller in all areas, not only do you feel tired during the day but your skin really takes a battering.  Sleep deprivation impairs the lipid barrier as well as the production of plumping, hydrating hyaluronic acid.  Cell function is affected and micro blood vessels around the eyes ensure those not-so fetching dark circles.  Again if you are a sufferer of this ensure a good skincare routine, try and fit some relaxation into your day, especially before bedtime, avoid caffeine during the afternoon, drink lots of water and try a little eye massage in your nightly skin schedule.  Also an eye mask can really help perk up your peepers to keep your eye area looking at its best.

This time of year can be upsetting for some as many of us have emotional baggage to deal with.  Families, friends and general life still carriers on and sometimes it unfortunately isn't all happy.  The stress of pleasing everyone, being in two places at once and heartache can really play havoc with your skin.  Stress is ageing, so if this is you look for products which help to calm your skin, help replenish lost moisture and hydration.  Again keep up a good skincare routine and eat/drink the best you can and try and get your 8 hours of sleep in.

Lastly... Party, party, party... Yes we will all be doing it at some point, the Monday drink after work, the Tuesday catch up with friends, the family gathering on Wednesday, the party on Thursday, night out on Friday and so on, you know how it goes!  By mid week your batteries are dwindling and the one too many glasses of fizz (which are always good at the time!) have caught up with you, and the week isn't over!  Alcohol really dehydrates your skin and breaks down collagen that keeps it plump.  With skin which already is in a stressful state, alcohol will only add to it, and leave it looking dull and haggard in no time.  But fear not, good skincare can really help a lot.  The skin's top layer is the only one which is constantly renewing itself, so you can regain its glow and even tone if you stimulate and protect it.  Look for products which boost cell renewal, hydrate and re generate.  Again - and last time I will say it! A good skincare routine is a must, remove make-up and moisturise before you hit the sack.  Make sure you exfoliate and use masks as these will improve the look and feel of your skin.  Try and have non alcohol days at this time to allow your skin to repair and drink plenty of water - have a glass at the side of your bed too!

Good luck celebrating the festivities of 2013 in tip top condition.  I shall start writing the detox blog for January 2014:-)!  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.